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Elisa Serafini (Milan, 1988) is a journalist, advisor and investor.

She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Politically, the first Italian digital platform for crowdfunding for political candidates and parties.

She is an investor in Real Estate and Startups and an Advisor in the same field.

Elisa writes about Economics, Business, and Real Estate on Forbes Italy, and she has worked for multiple media.

Before that, Elisa served as Marketing Manager for Uber and House&Loft, and as Head of Public Affairs for Glovo.

She has served as a Deputy Mayor for Culture and City Marketing at the Municipality of Genoa.

Elisa holds a MS in International Business and a BA in Political Science and International Relations with studies in Italy and the US.

She has written the books “Fuori dal Comune” and ‘Economia e Unicorni – understanding the Economy from everyday news’. She host a Podcast about Economics, Real Estate and Policy on Spotify. 

She lives in Bangkok, Thailand.


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